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Volunteering Here is Special

I first learned about Four Seasons through my student advisor, Vanessa Capps. Four Seasons was a volunteering option available to me to complete my hours for the Work-Based Learning Program at Blue Ridge Community College. Before learning of this opportunity, I was only vaguely aware of the many ways you could volunteer for this non-profit organization. Since I began volunteering in January 2021, I have been able to work with several departments to complete tasks and use my new knowledge from college to help assist others. I have made birthday and thinking-of-you cards for patients to help brighten their day, as well as put together face shields for the clinicians who care for patients and their loved ones in Four Seasons facilities. I quickly learned that there are many opportunities I did not know existed, from knitting face masks to filing records in the office, and many more.

I enjoy volunteering at Four Seasons for many reasons. I gain real-world knowledge and experience in an office setting to help me further my education and career skill set. I can be creative with tasks like making birthday cards that are given to patients to brighten their day and remind them that they are never alone. I can help others in a way that benefits everyone involved in the care experience, from the patient to the caregivers. I love and appreciate that Four Seasons is dedicated to not only helping patients, but also helping the community at large through the many opportunities and services they provide. At Four Seasons, you are not just a volunteer, you are a valued member of an organization that daily touches lives.

Four Seasons dedicates itself to Co-Creating the Care Experience and that includes caring for not only patients and their families, but also caring for the nurses, doctors, administrators, volunteers, and the many other staff members who provide compassionate care every day. I know that when I offer my time at Four Seasons, it is valued and needed.

If you take one thing away from my story, I hope that it is understanding that there are many different ways you can volunteer at Four Seasons. There is always something you can do to support the staff and patients, no matter what skills you bring to the table. Sometimes, even a listening ear and a warm heart are all that are needed. Anyone can truly make a difference! If you have a pet therapy animal, you can volunteer to bring your furry friend to Four Seasons and help put a smile on someone’s face. If you really like to drive, you can assist patients in getting to their appointments on time. If you like the retail environment, you can volunteer for one of Four Seasons’ two Hospice Home Stores where every dollar spent directly supports the nonprofit services of Four Seasons. There is something for everyone at Four Seasons. I encourage you to consider dedicating your time to Co-Creating the Care Experience and making a difference in the lives of others!

-Kena Shaw, Four Seasons Volunteer

Each and every volunteer at Four Seasons is important to the work we do: “We have so many volunteers who come to us from all walks of life and professional experiences. We appreciate each of them and the amazing skill set that they bring to our teams and the support it provides in helping us further our mission of providing excellent service to our communities.” -Sheri Cagle, Employee & Volunteer Solutions Manager

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Kena Shaw