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Through Life’s Challenging Seasons, We’re Here to Help.

Volunteer Opportunities Abound!

Author: Chloe Jackson-Pierce, West Region Volunteer Coordinator

As the Volunteer Coordinator for the West region, I’m regularly touched by the compassion and commitment volunteers bring to their work. Since I joined the team at Four Seasons, I’ve seen volunteers go above and beyond what’s expected of them, fulfilling a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. They’ve delivered soup to grieving families, driven across counties to fill requests, and subbed for one another when fellow volunteers were ill or dealing with an emergency. Though the West region has a smaller volunteer base than the North and South, many of our volunteers have been involved for several years and are dedicated to their service. They are truly an integral part of the West team.

How Volunteers Support Our Mission

Volunteers serve across our six-county region by visiting patients in their homes for companionship, helping patients and their loved ones with grocery shopping and other errands, and providing respite for caregivers. They also visit patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to read books, socialize, or do something that brings a patient joy (we have one volunteer who paints nails on her weekly visits!). We understand that working directly with patients and families is not of interest to everyone, though, and have many other volunteer opportunities to support as well. Some of our volunteers help assemble admission packets or make phone calls to caregivers, and others use their sewing or crochet skills to make comfort items like neck pillows and blankets. All the ways volunteers contribute are incredibly valuable, and their service is essential to our goal of delivering compassionate care to people at the end of life.

Thank You, Volunteers

We’re looking forward to safely connecting in person again at our quarterly volunteer support meetings, in-services, and other events this year. Seeing West volunteers come together is a great reminder of the care for ill and dying people that exists in our rural communities, and it’s a big part of what makes my role so fulfilling.

I am grateful to all the West volunteers for their compassionate presence, listening ears, attention to detail, and passion for making the end-of-life experience as peaceful as possible. While I often hear volunteers say they get just as much out of their service as they give, it cannot be overstated how much they truly make a difference, this month and every month.

Interested in Volunteering Opportunities?

Anyone interested in joining our growing team of West volunteers can contact me at CJacksonPierce@FourSeasonsCFL.org or 828.845.2264. Visit our website to learn more about opportunities to volunteer at Four Seasons!