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Thank you for completing the Palliative Care Survey!

We are currently conducting a survey regarding the Palliative Care services you are either currently receiving or have received in the recent past and would appreciate your feedback. 

Please answer the questions in the form below. Your responses are anonymous and help us to improve the quality of care we provide. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We are grateful for your feedback.

All of the questions in this survey will ask about your care from Four Seasons Palliative Care. If you need to, you can ask a family member or friend for help with this survey or ask them to complete the survey for you. If you are completing this survey for the patient, please remember that survey questions refer to the patient’s care. Unless a question says otherwise, please do not consider your own experiences in the answers you provide.

Palliative Care Survey
The Serious Illness Survey for Home-Based Programs assesses the experiences of patients who receive care from programs that provide serious illness care in patients’ homes. Access the complete set of survey resources, including guidance on administration, sampling, and analysis, at www.rand.org/Serious-Illness-Survey. For more information, contact seriousillness@rand.org. Survey development was funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and carried out within the Quality Measurement and Improvement Program in RAND Health Care.
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Your Care from This Program

People from this program may take your blood pressure, review your medicines, or talk with you about your symptoms. Visits with this program can be in your home, by video, or by phone. As you answer the questions in this survey, please think only about the care you received from Four Seasons Palliative Care.