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Social Workers are Essential

Author: Judy Edwards, BSSW, MCRP, Social Work Navigator

Social Workers support communities and people in need including those experiencing poverty, discrimination, abuse, addiction, physical illness, loss, disability, mental illness, aging, and much more. In short, social workers help people because every person matters and deserves to have a voice.

Social work is a broad, diverse field where the work extends across many settings. These professionals work with individuals, families, schools, nonprofit agencies, corporations, hospitals, and government agencies. Social workers also advocate for legislation and policies that improve the quality of life for all members of the community. Social workers are fierce advocates for their clients in numerous situations.

According to Health Affairs, social workers provide a majority of America’s mental health services. There are actually more clinically trained social workers than psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychiatric nurses combined.

Many people experience overwhelming challenges in life. Fortunately, there are highly trained, caring, compassionate, professional Social Workers ready and willing to help people overcome difficult obstacles and live a healthy, successful life. Understanding the interconnectedness of people in various systems, social workers take a comprehensive approach to helping solve problems.

Having a passion for helping others, social workers assist vulnerable individuals and families. People can rely on social workers to connect them with resources and find solutions to complex problems. Social workers use their skills and expertise to promote good mental health, strengthen relationships, help people live and age well, and work to end generational cycles, ultimately creating healthier individuals, families, and communities.

Because of this understanding and knowledge, social workers are an integral part of the healthcare system. They help clients and their families understand diagnoses, and adapt via changes in lifestyle, healthcare, or housing. Social workers may work directly with clients in healthcare settings in skilled care communities or hospitals. They may also work with individuals and community groups who are experiencing healthcare issues.

Social workers frequently connect their clients with tools that support health and well-being, including access to affordable healthcare. Some social workers provide community education for health and well-being improvement. When families experience a loss due to illnesses, social workers may provide counseling services or resources for end-of-life arrangements.

If you ask any social worker their reasoning for entering the field, the most common answer is “I want to help people.”  And their decision to pursue social work at university was a desire to help bring about change in the lives of their clients, families, communities, and in the world. Our Four Seasons Social Workers are no exception. our social workers are equipped to help connect you and your family with the resources and support you need during life’s difficult moments.

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