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Serving & Educating Our Community

Fritz and Christine (Chris) Becker embody the definition of “salt of the earth.” With backgrounds in service organizations, Fritz and Chris bring a unique and valued perspective to their volunteer work at the Home Store. The Beckers are originally from New York. Fritz began his professional law career as a Child Abuse Prosecutor. He later served as a County Judge and an Acting Supreme Court Justice for the State of New York.

Chris taught elementary school and at the collegiate level for a combined total of over 40 years. Both are involved with Rotary clubs, Boys’ and Girls’ Scouts of America, Inner Wheel USA, their church, and other foundations. In short, the Beckers love to serve others. After moving to North Carolina, they sought ways to be involved in their new community. That’s when they learned about the work of Four Seasons.

Having had several family members served by a hospice in New York, they understand firsthand the important work of Four Seasons. After learning the scope of Four Seasons’ services, they selected the Home Store as their home base for volunteering.

Fritz and Chris enjoy volunteering because they feel a small part of something greater than themselves—one that invests in the community. Their greatest reward in volunteering at the Home Store is building relationships and community with the customers. “We get to hear the stories of those who have been served by Four Seasons. As Home Store volunteers, we are in a unique position to encounter people whom other staff and volunteers do not. In some ways, we are the face of Four Seasons to the general public, to those who have not been served by Four Seasons or other hospice organizations,” explained Fritz.

Customers and donors alike often tell stories about items they have donated or purchased. Building community and relationships don’t stop there for the Beckers. An important part of their passion for volunteering is educating themselves and others. To be up-to-date with all things Four Seasons, Fritz and Chris read every Four Seasons publication—including but not limited to—Life Lines, the Annual Impact Report, and newsletters. They maintain a list of five “fast facts” or topics that they can use to educate customers about the work of Four Seasons and hospice in general. “Lately, we have had questions about the difference between for-profit and non-profit hospice organizations, as more hospices move to a for-profit business model. Our interaction with customers goes beyond completing their purchase and telling them to have a nice day,” the Beckers explain.

They also strive to educate people about the source of Home Store items, where the money from their purchase is used, and other ways in which they can support Four Seasons. Fritz and Chris also wear branded Four Seasons items around town to encourage more conversations with the community, even when they aren’t at the Home Store. We are so grateful for the dedicated efforts of all of Four Seasons’ volunteers, who, like the Beckers, make Four Seasons a special place to serve and be served.

If you haven’t met Fritz and Chris yet, stop by the Home Store and say hello! They are always on the floor or at the register ready to greet you with a smile.

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Fritz and Chris Becker