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The Power of Unconditional Giving

Author: Elise Boren, Hospice Volunteer

The Power of Unconditional Giving

You’re missing out on a huge opportunity for just a little of your time!

I would like to share my experience with the immense power of giving. I have been involved with hospice care on one level or another for much of my life, including helping to care for my own family members. I cannot express the power of what I receive by offering just a small amount of my time to work with patients and families at Four Seasons.

The power of unconditional giving is something I find hard to express because the profound, deep, meaningful impact that just a few hours of my time volunteering gives me is undeniable. People often tell me “I could never do that” or “I just couldn’t deal with that.” But being a part of a moment of goodness to a patient and their family during a difficult time is such a beautiful thing. I have had moments full of laughter, beauty, and love.

Is Volunteering for Hospice Sad?

I believe that many people think that hospice volunteering is bleak, sad, and uncomfortable. My experience has been anything but! I have been blessed with learning, laughter, and humility. The relationships I have had with the patients and their families have been very uplifting for me in many ways. There is something very special about embracing “quality of time over quantity.”  The connections and memories I have made will always be held close to my heart and spirit!

Having said all this, I haven’t even mentioned what an amazing organization Four Seasons is!  The various trainings and the interpersonal relationships gained have, without a doubt, been life-changing for me. On my lowest of days, it’s usually a hospice patient that turns my day turn around and makes it that much better! And all I have to do is show up and give a little of my time.

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