Refund Policy

Online Bill Pay Refund Policy

It is the policy of Four Seasons, The Care You Trust to refund any overpayment from the patient and/or insurance company once all open balances are satisfied. The Billing Department will work with you to resolve any billing discrepancies that may occur. A patient overpayment will be determined after reviewing all open balances for the guarantor. If the credit balance is due to a payment from a credit card, the first priority will be to send the overpayment back to the credit card issuer, otherwise, a check will be issued to the patient/guarantor. Please allow several weeks for credit balance to be processed.

If you believe you have made a payment in error or have any other issues or questions related to your payment history with Four Seasons, The Care You Trust, please call or e-mail:

Four Seasons, The Care You Trust
571 S. Allen Road
Flat Rock, NC  28731