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Through Life’s Challenging Seasons, We’re Here to Help.

Spiritual Care


At Four Seasons, we believe spirituality is an essential aspect of human experience and a key indicator of one’s quality of life. For this reason, spiritual care support is available for all patients and families connected with our palliative or hospice services. We define spirituality as the way individuals—within their own particular worldview and context—experience connection, comfort, hope and strength. Research shows spirituality has profound impact on outcomes related to one’s cultivating peace in the midst of hardship, experiencing acceptance at end-of-life, or coping with severe health challenges. During times of serious illness, terminal diagnosis, or crisis, spiritual care can often be the connection that makes all the difference.

Four Seasons Chaplains

At Four Seasons, all interdisciplinary team members provide spiritual care, because all are connecting their scope of practice to what is meaningful to the patient and family. However, given their specialized training, our chaplains function as the spiritual care specialists on our teams. Our chaplains are clinically trained to be with people amidst hardship, pain, suffering and crisis. They are companions on the journey, allowing the particular worldview, philosophy and context of each patient to guide how their spiritual needs are met. Spiritual care is always patient focused, and patient driven. Each patient and family will have their own unique spiritual needs and an understanding of how those needs are met. Our chaplains are those trained to ascertain, with great sensitivity and compassion, what is hopeful, comforting and strengthening for all they have the honor to serve and support.

A note from Colby, one of our Four Seasons Chaplains:

“We desire to help those wrestling with the challenges of physical pain, emotional struggle or personal brokenness. Compassion is our compass; and you our guide. We are trained to be with vulnerable people, and suffering makes us all vulnerable. If you feel you’re unable to talk freely to those around you about what you are going through, please know that our chaplains are here. Please reach out today if you need anything—even if you would simply like a brief introductory call to get to know the chaplain on your team.”

In the face of:

  • Struggling to find meaning in life
  • Trying to make sense of suffering
  • Feeling like your challenges/circumstances are “too much”
  • Uncertainty about death, the unknown, the future
  • Wondering about an afterlife
  • Desiring to engage a religious or spiritual practice
  • Pain and loneliness from feeling disconnected
  • Unresolved issues with relationships
  • A need for forgiveness or reconciliation
  • Being at peace, grateful… and wanting to share it

Our chaplains are here to help.



Are you:

  • Religious, but unconnected with a faith community?
  • Spiritual, but not religious?
  • Feeling lonely, overwhelmed or confused?
  • Active in a faith community but want additional support?
  • Desiring a blessing, prayer, ritual, or spiritual practice?
  • Not sure what you need, but want to talk or be with someone who cares?

Our chaplains are here to help.

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