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Compass: Child and Adolescent Grief Services

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Child & Adolescent Grief Services

Death is a common but difficult experience in a child’s life. The Compass program offers help to grieving children and teens who are surviving a recent loss or dealing with the anticipated death of a loved one.

Compass provides education about children’s grief processes and experiences while offering support through individual and  group counseling sessions, workshops, and other events. Through the Compass program, children learn about grief and develop strategies that help them work through the process. Our grief coordinators will also work with parents and other caregivers to help them build confidence in supporting children during this difficult time.

All grieving children and adolescents anywhere in the 13 counties we serve are welcome to attend a grief support group after initial contact with one of our grief coordinators, regardless of their connection to hospice or ability to pay. 

Contact us at Compass@FourSeasonsCFL.org or 828.692.6178 and ask to speak with a Compass staff member.


Individual Counseling

We provide individual child and adolescent grief support in various settings including, but not limited to, our offices, schools, and virtually. We work closely with local school systems, community outreach centers, and therapists to provide grief-specific care to children and teens dealing with the death of a person.

Group Support

While individual support can positively benefit children and adolescents working through grief, we recognize the importance of peer and community support. It’s one thing to hear that your feelings are valid from a professional counselor, but to hear it from a peer can be priceless. We design our programming to include community events that give children and adolescents time to be next to their peers while working through challenges and navigating difficult emotions.

We offer a variety of grief groups for children and adolescents at different times of the year. All grieving children and adolescents are welcome to attend any Compass event after initial contact with one of our grief coordinators, regardless of their connection to hospice or ability to pay. Compass is funded through community donations.

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Compass Events

In addition to individual and group counseling, Compass offers several unique grief programs throughout the year. All program fees associated with Compass are provided through generous community support.
Contact us at Compass@FourSeasonsCFL.org or 828.692.6178 and ask to speak with a Compass staff member.

Community Support

We are available for consultation and resources related to child and adolescent grief. Presentations and trainings related to child and adolescent grief are available and can be customized to meet the needs of your group or organization. Educational material and grief workshops related to the child and adolescent grief process for parents and legal guardians, community members, faith leaders, and other caring adults are also available. For more information, email us at Compass@FourSeasonsCFL.org or 828.692.6178 and ask to speak with a Compass staff member.


The Dougy Center

Highmark Caring Place

National Alliance on Children’s Grief

Judi’s House

Coalition to Support Grieving Students

Compass Events




Quarterly Meet-Ups

Quarterly Meetups are a one-day fun outing that provides activity and connection with others who are grieving. Quarterly meetups are family-friendly events. Meetups are held off-site, throughout our community. We are proud to partner with local businesses and community organizations, such as Nurture + Nature Retreat Center in Franklin, NC, Odyssey ClayWorks in Asheville, NC, and Darnell Farms in Bryson City, NC. These community partnerships seek to create supportive environments for children and adolescents impacted by grief.

If you would like to partner with Compass to host a Quarterly Meet Up, please email us at Compass@FourSeasonsCFL.org.



Camp Compass

Camp Compass is Four Seasons’ annual grief camp for those ages 5-15, anticipating or experiencing the death of a loved one. Participants are immersed in team building activities activities that encourage support for others through peer connections, teach skills to help them talk about their experience with grief, recognize their need for support, and work as a team. Activities may include but are not limited to arts and crafts, music therapy, martial arts, gardening, etc.

To contact our Grief Services department, call (828) 692.6178, or email one of our staff:

Sybil Arnold, MSW, LCSW, APHSW-C, Director of Patient & Family Services

Jessica Godfrey, MDiv, CT, Grief Services Coordinator – South Region 

Daniel Tipton, MDiv, Grief Services Coordinator – North Region

Amy Entwistle, MMT, MT-BC, Adult, Child, & Adolescent Grief Services Coordinator- West Region

Jay Wilson, MSW, LCSWA, Child & Adolescent Grief Services Coordinator- North & South Regions

Four Seasons Grief Services are provided at no cost to the consumer.  Expenses for this program are underwritten by generous donations. If you are interested in donating to Grief Services, click here.

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