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Team Testimonials

we love where we work

Read our testimonials and watch the videos and you’ll see why we love where we work! Four Seasons, The Care You Trust, was voted one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places To Work. Want to love where you work? View our current job openings and start your career with a trusted organization that will make you a priority! Or read more about Joining Our Team.

Read our testimonials and watch the videos and you’ll see why we love where we work! Four Seasons, The Care You Trust, was voted one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places To Work. Want to love where you work? View our current job openings and start your career with a trusted organization that will make you a priority! Or read more about Joining Our Team.

Sybil Arnold
Sybil Arnold, Social Work Team Leader

“I have always had a deep passion to serve others and to serve my community. Four Seasons has given me the opportunity to do just that!”

bobby bennett
Bobby Bennett, CLE, Hospice Home Stores Retail Director & General Manager

“I absolutely love where I work! To be able and work for an organization such as Four Seasons has been a tremendous blessing over the past 5 years. We strive to take great care of our staff and volunteers so that they in turn can take great care of our patients, families, and donors. “

Millicent Burke-Sinclair
Millicent Burke-Sinclair, Ed.D, MBA, MLAS, SPHR®, SHRM SCP, President & CEO

“We are grateful for the commitment, respect, and excellence that our employees give daily to ensure that we co-create the best care for our patients and families as well as each other. We care about each other, celebrate each other, and support each other. At Four Seasons, we are more than just co-workers, we are family.”

dr elizabeth burpee
Elizabeth Burpee, MD, Research & Innovation and Palliative Care Physician
“I am so proud to be a part of the Four Seasons work to become a more diverse and inclusive organization that provides the best care to all people in our communities in an equitable manner. We want to dismantle barriers that create disparities and build bridges towards stronger and healthier communities.”
Sue Ann Hamby
Sue Ann Hamby, VP of Quality & Organizational Development

“Four Seasons is like coming home. You always have this wonderful place that becomes a part of your life when you aren’t at your true home. The people, the intentions, the values, the care, the integrity, and the spirit of Four Seasons are pieces of a workplace that I want in my life. And I have that every day at Four Seasons.”

Dr Elaina Honeycutt
Ebony Daugherty, CNA
“It is truly an honor to work at Four Seasons as a Hospice CNA. My 17 years here have taught me empathy, compassion, and resilience. I look forward to many more years at Four Seasons!”
Amy Entwistle
Amy Entwistle, MMT, MT-BC, Child & Adolescent Grief Counselor

“It is an honor to work at Four Seasons with supportive and dedicated colleagues that encourage each other to dream big to meet the needs of grieving families. I am passionate about walking alongside children and adolescents who are grieving, and am inspired by the work of my team, leaders, and the organization to grow personally and professionally to meet new challenges and the needs of our community in creative ways.”

sara reese
Sara Reese, RN Case Manager

“I am so grateful for everything Four Seasons did for my family and me. My Dad, who passed in June, and my Grandmother, who passed recently, received exceptional care and compassion from everyone. Our family was able to honor both of their wishes and keep what was most important to them a priority. I also am thankful for my co-workers that helped meet my patients’ needs while I was with my own loved ones and supported me at work. I am grateful to work at a place with such an awesome work family that provides excellent care to both their patients and fellow employees.”

Jessica Godfrey
Jessica Godfrey, MDiv, CT, Grief Services Coordinator- South Region

“Working here has helped me clarify my personal values. Four Seasons’ focus on having balance has helped me to live a healthier lifestyle and to find more joy both in my daily work and family life.”

Shannon Mullis
Shannon Mullis, RN, Regional Director of Clinical Services, North Region
“I love where I work because I love the people I work with. Their dedication, compassion, and how they genuinely care about one another and work together to provide the best care for our patients and families really inspires me. That is why I do what I do, and why I work at Four Seasons.”
Lauren Purdy
Ashley Newbrough, Music Therapy Clinical Specialist

“In nearly 7 years of working for Four Seasons, I have been challenged to become a better music therapist, colleague, sister, daughter, friend, and mom. Hospice work is life-changing, and I’m grateful that growth is not only appreciated, but expected, at Four Seasons.”

Paige Wheeler
Lisa Kneeder, Hospice Nurse

“As a hospice nurse, I see firsthand how much our families benefit from the care we provide. Therefore, I also choose to make a regular donation to Four Seasons; no patient or family should have to navigate the passing of a loved one alone. Our donations help to ensure that no one is ever turned away from the care they need.”

Michael Wermuth
Michael Wermuth, Spiritual Care Team Leader

“Four Seasons is committed to supporting its employees to achieve not only their personal goals, but also to provide the best care possible in our community. Every employee is challenged to be the best, and provide the best care possible – with that in mind, I can honestly say I work with the best!”

Paige Wheeler
Paige Wheeler, CLE, Foundation Executive Director & Chief Development Officer

“While I have experienced Four Seasons’ excellent care of several of my loved ones, I have also experienced the same excellent care as an employee. Four Seasons is a “best place to work” to me because employees are valued and respected, and the organizational culture is one that I personally treasure.”

Paige Wheeler
Suzie Short, CNA

“I love working for Four Seasons because I have the opportunity to build deep relationships with my patients and their families during some of life’s hardest moments. Being a part of caring for people during those times means so much to me. I also work with amazing people who care about our patients and families immensely.”

Skip Snyder, Chaplain

 “Of all our values I am most in awe of the Teamwork I see every day at the Elizabeth House. No one allows someone to carry too much weight on their shoulders alone. We share the opportunities and responsibilities. We work together, as one. Together, as a team, we are honored to Co-Create the Care Experience with the patient and their loved ones at the center of all that we do.”

Jessica Godfrey
Sara O'Dell, RN

“This is truly one of the best places to work. I love my team and leadership here and feel highly valued and appreciated for my contributions to our work. Having left Four Seasons for a brief period, I could not wait to come back when there was an open position again. This IS the best place I have ever worked.”

Lauren Purdy
Lauren Purdy, VP of Employee & Volunteer Solutions

 “At Four Seasons, we create an environment where staff are not just encouraged, but empowered, to collaborate with their colleagues and to share feedback openly with their leader.

At Four Seasons, when our employees speak up, we listen. Communication is vital in most jobs, but especially when working in serious illness and end-of-life care. We value each staff person’s input on our day-to-day operations, in care planning for patients, and in developing our organization’s long-term strategic goals.”

Why Choose a Career with Four Seasons?

Four Seasons is a nationally recognized, non-profit leader in the delivery of co-created care for those living in our communities with a serious, limiting illness. For over 40 years, we have provided access to the best advancements in care to the people of western North Carolina. We exist to ensure our patients are cared for wherever they call home and by a team of professionals that minister to the body, mind, spirit, and emotional components that comprise us all. Our employees have a desire to truly touch lives and make a significant contribution to patients and families facing end-of-life decisions. We offer a rich benefits package, a supportive, team-oriented, work environment that makes your profession more than just a job, and the opportunity to love where you work and live where you love in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.