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Commitments to Our Team

Four Seasons makes three valued commitments to our team. We commit to provide Trusted Care, Trusted Respect, and Trusted Purpose
so that we can help you Grow, Thrive, and Love Where You Work!

trusted care: we support and care for you
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  • More than 95% of staff would recommend working at Four Seasons to a friend.
  • At Four Seasons, we recognize that staff have lives outside of work. Not only do we offer up to 20 days of paid time off in your first year, but our Leaders encourage their employees to use it, define their own balance, and promote self-compassion and resilience.
  • We recognize that each employee’s needs are unique. Four Seasons offers flexible schedules and hybrid remote work opportunities to help ensure our staff can be balanced and productive members of our team.
  • The wellness of our staff is a top priority at Four Seasons. We offer a robust wellness program, as well as employer paid telemedicine and teletherapy benefits to all employees and their entire household, regardless of how many hours they work each week.
trusted respect: We value and respect you
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  • Nearly 96% of staff feel valued & respected.
  • We give back. In addition to Annual Compensation Reviews, Four Seasons offers an Annual Operational Performance Bonus program, so when the organization performs well, we pass it on to our employees each year.
  • At Four Seasons, we listen to our staff, and make decisions based on that feedback. Leaders aren’t just accessible, they actively seek out feedback from their team.
  • We only hire the best. That means that when you join Four Seasons, you will be on a team of the most talented, high performing, caring colleagues where your contributions will be valued.
  • Four Seasons offers a work environment that fosters a Culture of Gratitude and a Commitment to our Co-Workers with an expectation that every member of our team exhibits our values in each interaction.
trusted purpose: we promote and provide purpose
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  • Over 96% of staff state that their job provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose.
  • At Four Seasons, we encourage and help employees discover their purpose. Leadership supports internal moves across the organization. For most of our staff, the position that they start in isn’t going to be the position they retire from, and that’s a good thing.
  • More than just a job, Four Seasons is a place to learn and grow. From developing an individual Learning Plan each year, to serving on Committees and VIP Teams, or participating in our Preceptor or Career Ladder Programs, staff are encouraged to seek out opportunities to learn and grow and pass that learning on to others.
  • For those staff seeking advanced degrees or professional certifications, we offer financial support through our Tuition Reimbursement & Professional Credentials program.