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I Love Volunteering!

If you’ve ever shopped at the Home Store in downtown Hendersonville, Volunteer Mary Coffey is probably no stranger! Her professional background began with a degree in education and later blossomed into a successful career with Maytag International as a Training and Marketing Director and, later, a Sales Manager. After this long stint with Maytag, Mary and her husband, Ed, decided to move to Hendersonville in 2011.

Mary’s choice to volunteer with Four Seasons is unique. Many Four Seasons staff and volunteers work here because a family member or close friend has been served. But Mary is not a native of this area and has not had family served through us. Yet she understood the important, quality work of Four Seasons, and she was eager to support in any way she could. Mary began volunteering for Four Seasons not long after arriving in Hendersonville. As she helped out when and where needed throughout the organization, she quickly fell in love with the Home Store and there she has stayed for almost 9 years. As a Home Store volunteer, Mary is passionate about interacting with customers. She especially loves to hear their stories of how Four Seasons has so carefully cared for their loved ones.

Her co-volunteers and managers have become more than just co-workers; they are family. Perhaps one of Mary’s greatest claims to fame is her themed window displays which she changes several times a year. Each display is not only custom-designed, but many of the items displayed in the window are her own creations that she made and paid for. Her windows have won awards at the Apple Festival and at Christmas for their whimsical and creative displays. Some past themes she has created are Christmas, Under-the-Sea, and currently (as of July 2020) Alice in Wonderland.

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Mary Coffey