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How I Became a Hospice Volunteer

Author: Dave Stewart, Hospice Volunteer

How I Became a Hospice Volunteer

I have been a Hospice volunteer since 2018. Before 2018, I had heard that Hospice was an organization that helped terminally ill patients, but that was about it. My sister developed a brain tumor, so she moved in with me in the final year of her life. It was a very stressful experience for me, mainly because of the unknown. I don’t remember exactly how I learned about Four Seasons, but once I called them, I really learned a lot about their services and care. I have never seen anything like the care Four Seasons gave my sister and me. Sometimes I think I received more support and help than my sister!

My first surprise was palliative care. Even though my sister was not terminally ill at the time, Four Seasons helped us under their palliative care services. She received nursing care and we both received much-needed counseling about things we would be going through. As she got worse over time, she became terminal, and she transitioned into hospice care.

How I Volunteer for Four Seasons

To make a long story short, I was so impressed by Four Seasons that I became a volunteer. I started by taking on a patient to give their family respite (a time when Four Seasons provides a break in care from the family’s primary caregiver). I am a musician and was able to play music for the patients I visited. Many times, I would just sit with the patient. It didn’t matter if we talked or not; just being there was what mattered most.

Why Should You Volunteer

I can’t think of a better to help families in need than to work with Four Seasons. Whether you support the administrative staff, sit with patients, go shopping for patients, deliver food or library books, or any of the other wonderful ways to help, you have a place to serve at Four Seasons.

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