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How Does Passive Remote Monitoring Help My Loved One?

Is your loved one at risk of falling in their home? Are you concerned that if unable to call for help, your loved one might be in distress without anyone knowing? Four Seasons Home Care can help with Passive Remote Monitoring.

Passive Remote Monitoring, powered by Zemplee, is the use of small sensors (not cameras) to detect patterns of activity in the home. When a sensor registers a change in activity patterns, an alert is sent directly to a Four Seasons team member who can call for help.

As demonstrated in the video below, sensors are placed in strategic areas around the home to ensure your loved one’s safety and health. Sensors can be placed on medicine cabinets, the refrigerator, the bathroom door, the front door, or anywhere else you want to track your loved one’s movements. Small, unobtrusive motion sensors are also placed up high in the home so that if there are pets in the home, it only picks up the movements of a person.

If movement in the home is not detected for a period of time, a Four Seasons team member will call to check on your loved one. If there is no answer, Four Seasons will call emergency services.

“Utilizing Passive Remote Monitoring is a great way to ensure your loved one’s safety in their home when you can’t be there. Without impeding their independence or additional responsibilities caregivers may have, Four Seasons Home Care can check on your loved one when 24/7 care is unavailable through this new service. We are grateful to be able to add this level of care for our clients and the peace of mind for their families.” -Mary Jo Powers, Director of Home Care

Watch the video below to learn more and see how the sensors work in practice!

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