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How Care Navigation Helps

What do you do when your aging loved one lives in a different area from the person(s) who would be their primary caregiver and wants to stay there as they age? How do you make sure they are safe and receiving the care they need?

Lisa Cole found herself in this exact situation as her mother, Virginia, began aging: “My mother was adamant to stay where she was. At the time, she was living in North Carolina and I am on the West Coast; she was not coming back. How was she going to age in place safely? We knew what she wanted, and that she wanted to be cared for by hospice. But how could that happen when I was on the West Coast and couldn’t stay in North Carolina with her?” After searching, they found Four Seasons Care Navigation.

The majority of Care Navigation clients generally have no family nearby, are overwhelmed with caring for a loved one, or want to plan for the future. Our Care Navigators specialize in helping those who want to age in place, like Virginia: “Care Navigation made such a difference during the planning process. With Maureen’s help, we were even able to arrange for my mom to receive her Veteran’s benefits which made all the difference in the world financially at the end of her life.”

Care Navigation provides support, advocacy, education, and referrals to assist clients in navigating the healthcare system and assisting them in finding the necessary community resources available to them. Lisa explains that “Maureen provided resources within the community that I don’t think I could have found, even if I did live in the same area. Maureen became like a surrogate daughter to my mom and a sister to me and made such a difference. She became part of our family and it was important that she had all the information about mom’s health and finances to be able to help to the best of her ability.”

We provide clients with peace of mind by addressing challenging needs and planning for the “What Ifs” that life will inevitably bring. By asking what is most important to your loved one as they age, we help clients confidently address their changing needs by providing expertise, guidance, education, support, advocacy, and on-site 24/7 assistance with your loved one’s desires at the forefront of the care plan: “Maureen was able to monitor not only my mom’s needs, but also the needs of the staff and facilities attending to her care. Maureen became the ‘cog’ in the machine, connecting all these moving parts together so that mom’s care was consistent and honored her highest priority wishes. It was a collaboration between Four Seasons, facilities’ staff, mom’s attorney, and myself all with mom running the show.”

Unlike many community agencies and care managers, Care Navigation specializes in ongoing follow-up. We don’t simply provide clients with a long list of phone numbers; Care Navigation ensures that clients are truly connected with services that match their care needs. 

Four Seasons Care Navigators will help you and your loved one plan for what’s ahead and create a plan in which their wishes are the highest priority. And when the time comes for more specialized care, we’ll be right there beside and part of your family. With Care Navigation, you and your loved one are never alone no matter how far apart you may be.

Hear Lisa tell her story in this video to hear first-hand the impact of Care Navigation on both her and her mom’s lives.

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