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Hospice Care Helps You Be at Home for the Holidays

If you or a loved one needs Hospice Care, don’t wait until after the Holidays.  Having Hospice Care means support for the caregiver and comfort for the patient. It gives you and your loved one the chance to embrace these moments and live them with more comfort and more peace.

Care that Enhances Living

Remember that Hospice Care is NOT about dying. It’s about enhancing life. It’s about spending those holiday moments together with family in comfort and without having to make trips to the hospital or to be absent from festivities due to discomfort or pain. It’s also about supporting the family and caregiver to reduce their stress during this time.

Care that Helps You Stay Home for the Holidays

We understand that you or your loved one do not want to be in the hospital during the holidays. Fortunately, many patients receive Hospice Care in their own home. For most people it’s not a “round the clock” bevy of nurses and doctors, rather it’s a staff of experts who visit you periodically to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual care.  If something was to happen during the holidays, our staff are on-call and will come to your home, avoiding unnecessary trips to the hospital and helping you to stay home for the holidays.

Care for the Caregiver

Hospice Care provides support which reduces the stress on the caregiver, especially during the holidays. Having help bathing or dressing your loved one while you make preparations for the holiday is a huge help. And knowing you have someone to call 24/7 with any questions, gives you peace of mind.

“Having someone to call for support at any time day or night was a huge comfort and a gift to the whole family. We were guided along this last path by hospice professionals who knew the way,” said Nancy Bouvet, whose husband, Pierre was cared for by Four Seasons.

Care at Elizabeth House

If Hospice Care at home is not possible due to symptoms and pain that cannot be managed at home, Four Seasons offers Elizabeth House, a hospice in-patient center that offers a homelike environment and amenities for the family. While we know you would prefer to be at home, we do everything we can to make it feel like home with spaces for your family to gather to spend time together, dining areas, and more. You are likely to hear lovely music played by one of our music therapists and to be inspired in our beautiful gardens.

Care Covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance or by our Angel Fund.

Hospice Care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance. Because Four Seasons is a non-profit organization, our Foundation also provides care through our Angel Fund so that everyone has access to Hospice Care regardless of the ability to pay.