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Home Care Announces Virtual Monitoring

Four Seasons Home Care is pleased to announce that it will begin offering Passive Remote Monitoring for its clients. Passive Remote Activity Monitoring, powered by Zemplee, is the use of digital technology to collect daily activity data within a client’s home and monitor that data to help ensure a client’s wellbeing and safety. There are no wearables such as a watch or pendant.

A Four Seasons Home Care staff member will assess the client’s home for appropriate locations for placing sensors (no cameras are placed in the home). The sensors will monitor activities such as sleeping, frequency of bathroom visits, opening and closing doors, etc. through motion or contact type sensors. Plugging into an outlet for power, the system uses cellular connectivity to transmit data, so internet is not required. The data will be used to create a baseline of normal behavior. If at any time those behaviors do not follow normal or expected patterns, an alert will be sent to the Home Care team.

“By leveraging technology, we will be able to serve more clients in the communities that depend upon Four Seasons to provide excellent care throughout Western North Carolina. We look forward to piloting this new technology through our Home Care services in hopes to continue to expand its use throughout all of our service lines,” stated Monica Watts, Vice President of Technology and Administration.

“Through the use of innovative technology, we are revolutionizing the way care is delivered and providing families, caregivers, and the elderly with the necessary tools to lead a better life,” said Aparna Pujar, CEO of Zemplee. “Our attentive AI and passive sensors provide round-the-clock remote monitoring capabilities for caregivers that improve quality of life and reduce hospitalizations without comprising privacy.”

When the Home Care team receives an alert, they will first call the client’s home to see if they are okay. If the client does not respond, Home Care will call the client’s emergency contact. If the team is unable to get in touch with the emergency contact or the contact is unable to check on the client, Home Care will call 911 and ask for a wellness check.

Director of Four Seasons Home Care, Mary Jo Powers, explains, “A great concern of ours is that a client may fall and be unable to get to the phone. While some seniors have wearable devices, many do not like wearing them. So, a client could lay in pain until someone found them. This system does not rely on wearables, so we are better able to monitor our clients’ safety and wellbeing. We are so excited to be able to offer this new service to our community.”

In addition, Four Seasons Home Care will also now offer Medication Planner Management services to clients. Seniors often forget to take their medications or take it at the wrong time or wrong dosage. This service will help clients and their families plan out medicine for a week at a time, safely store medications, and assess client response to medications.

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