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Four Seasons Announces Pediatric Care Program

Four Seasons is pleased to announce its new Pediatric Palliative & Hospice Care Program, Riversong. Although palliative and hospice care are often provided to aging persons, there are cases where pediatric patients are in need of these types of care. Four Seasons is honored to expand this specialized care to the communities of Western North Carolina.

Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care is a partnership between you, your child, your existing physicians and treatment team, and our Four Seasons’ Riversong team. Our goal is to provide quality trusted care and comfort so that you can enjoy life’s moments with your child.

When we meet with you the first question we ask is “What’s Most Important to You?” We listen to your goals and your child’s wishes, and work with your existing treatment teams to provide “add-on” care that positively impacts quality of life. Our care not only helps the child to be more comfortable, but also provides emotional and spiritual care, and supports the caregivers and families with training and resources.

“We are honored to extend our commitment to providing trusted care, wherever one calls home, throughout Western North Carolina. Through the expansion of our pediatric services, we are grateful to offer even more care and more support to children with a serious or life-limiting illness, as well as their families. It is our sincere desire to come alongside the child and their loved ones to offer comfort, care, support, and confidence. ,” says Dr. Millicent Burke-Sinclair, Ed.D, MBA, MLAS, SPHR®, SHRM SCP, President & CEO of Four Seasons.

Palliative vs Hospice Care

Pediatric Palliative Care helps parents have more peace of mind and allows children to have more moments to concentrate on being a child. This specialized care is a key part of care for children living with a serious illness. We help your child manage pain and provide relief from symptoms like shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, depression, loss of appetite, and others that may accompany their serious illness. We also provide support to the caregiver and the whole family. We collaborate with your providers, giving you that extra layer of support, fast response, and help in navigating your child’s care options.

Pediatric Hospice Care is focused on providing comfort to your child and support to your family so that you can spend quality time together truly living during this season of life. Our priority is to provide care that aligns with your wishes, while enabling your child to stay in their own home if possible. In addition to pain relief and symptom management, we incorporate supportive measures such as music therapy and pet therapy, along with care for both your and your child’s emotional well-being.

“Having a child with a serious or life-limiting illness affects everyone in the family unit.  We have been intentional as we developed the Riversong program so that our team is able to address the needs of the whole family in unique ways. Our goal is to support families through each chapter, preparing them for the next chapter in the life of their child, no matter how short or long that might be. Being invited to be a part of that journey is a privilege, and we are grateful that we can offer this expanded care to families across Western North Carolina,” says Four Seasons Chief Clinical Officer, Rikki Hooper MBA MSN FNP-BC ACHPN NE-BC FPCN.

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