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Through Life’s Challenging Seasons, We’re Here to Help.

Our Trusted Commitments to You

Four Seasons commits to providing Trusted Comfort, Trusted Care, Trusted Collaboration and Trusted Confidence to our communities in Western North Carolina.

trusted comfort

We provide physical, emotional and spiritual comfort during life’s difficult seasons.

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  • The comfort we provide is trusted and proven as shown in our quality outcomes which rank above the national average, scoring 24 out of 24 regarding the experience of care.
  • Trusted comfort is also evident in that 94% of our Hospice patients reported that their pain improved within 48 hours of admission.
  • We not only provide trusted comfort in your home or nursing facility, but also offer an inviting, home-like inpatient unit called Elizabeth House, where we provide relief, comfort, and respite.
  • Our reputation for trusted comfort extends throughout all of our service lines, including our quality care award-winning Four Seasons Home Care, which makes life more comfortable by helping with daily routines. Available in select areas of our region.
trusted care

We provide care and support with a high level of respect that you deserve.

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  • Four Seasons continues to shine as a nationally recognized Hospice Honors Organization, an award presented to organizations with a high level of quality care.
  • Over 97% of our families report that their loved one was treated with dignity and respect, according to a 2021 HEALTHCAREfirst report.
  • Ratings for patient care and willingness to recommend us to others average 10 percentage points higher than the nation.
  • Testimonials from many patients and loved ones attest to our level of trusted care including this expression from Bill Tankersley, “The care my wife received was superb. Managing her pain was a priority, the staff spoke softly, and their touch was gentle. Comfort, compassion, and understanding were given to us both at Four Seasons.”
trusted collaboration

We work with you, your family and your providers to co-create the care experience.

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  • We offer Provider-led Palliative Care services across all counties in patient homes and our offices and we also work with patients inside nursing care facilities, hospitals, and our offices.
  • Each Hospice Care patient and family has access to a full care team including a Provider, Registered Nurse, Hospice Aid, Spiritual Care Team, and Social Worker providing quality care. Our health professionals work with your current providers to meet your needs.
  • We collaborate with you, your family, and your providers through our Care Navigation program, offering trusted guidance to help individuals following the diagnosis of a serious illness, navigate care options and plan for what’s next.
  • To further our collaborative efforts, Four Seasons has added telehealth and remote monitoring, bringing a new dimension of care to our patients.
Trusted Confidence

We provide innovative, quality care from an experienced team of professionals.

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  • Four Seasons achieved Deemed Status in the 2023 Joint Commission Survey, thereby assuring care is reliable, safe, and high quality.
  • Four Seasons is one of the Top 10 Best Places to Work in the nation, according to Modern Healthcare, thereby supporting our ability to hire the best team to provide quality care and fast response.
  • Through participation in research studies and advanced practices, our Research and Innovation team is revolutionizing care and treatments for you or your loved one.
  • The American Hospital Association awarded Four Seasons the Circle of Life Award, which acknowledges our provision of innovative care.