Board of Directors

Four Seasons is grateful to have a dedicated Board of Directors who help us further our Mission, Vision, and Values providing the most trusted care to our community.

Board of Directors Vice Chair, Heather Stepp

Ryan Cannon

Four Seasons’ Board Chair

Board of Directors Chair, Judd Richardson

Nancy Bouvet

Four Seasons Foundation Board Chair

Board of Directors

Carol Hunter

Navin Anthony

Lorin Page

Gretchen Nicholson

Daryl Crouse

Bonnie Van Cleven

Julie Thompson

Koral Alman

Tasha Michaels

Jeff Tyrrell

LeeAnne Tucker

Ryan Cannon

Dick Burns

Nancy Bouvet

Malinda Vera Cruz

Victoria Flanagan

Bill McKibbin

Heather Stepp

Sue Kersbergen

Mary Coffey

Executive Committees


Chair – Ryan Cannon

Vice Chair – Nancy Bouvet

Secretary – Julie Thompson

Treasurer – Bill McKibbin

Member at Large – Judd Richardson, Tasha Michaels, Daryl Crouse


Chair – Judd Richardson

Vice Chair – Heather Stepp

Secretary – Nancy Bouvet

Treasurer – Sue Kersbergen

Member at Large – Mary Coffey, LeeAnn Tucker