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Through Life’s Challenging Seasons, We’re Here to Help.

About Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a nationally recognized, non-profit Hospice Care and Palliative Care leader, co-creating quality care in Western North Carolina since 1979. Being a non-profit means patients are our bottom line, and we provide quality care, no matter of the individual’s ability to pay, thanks to funds from our community raised through our Foundation. Our commitment to providing trusted care means we offer our patients the best advancements in care and have expanded our service lines to include Home Care, Care Navigation and Grief Services.

Our Mission:


Co-Creating the Care Experience

Co-creating the care experience means that our team of qualified professionals works with you, your family, and your existing healthcare team of providers to create a customized care plan, working together with the goal of providing you with quality care.

Our Vision:

Innovate Healthcare.

Influence Humanity.

Impact Life.

Our Vision has led Four Seasons to become a leader in Innovative Care, taking part in research and implementing the newest technology to create trusted care that enhances the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Because we are a non-profit, we Influence Humanity and Impact Life by offering quality care, regardless of the ability to pay and are able to focus on the patient and improving our community. 

Our Values:

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Together, these values create the acronym CBRIGHTER. At Four Seasons, we “See Brighter” and use these values as a beacon which helps us co-create the very best care. These illuminating values also help our beloved team grow and thrive.