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A Simple Fishing Trip

Sometimes casting a fishing pole in the water is the best gift a person can get and that was certainly true with this story. Years ago, a patient was referred to Four Seasons that was a good candidate to take part in a Clinical Research Trial on managing pain caused by symptoms of cancer. Though skeptical at the time, the patient agreed to be part of a pain study we were offering due to the increasingly severe uncontrolled cancer pain he was experiencing.

Now, this was a patient who had been a very active individual prior to his cancer diagnosis; he had never let “grass grow under his feet” and was always up for an adventure. Though his illness had taken a toll physically on his body his mind yearned for the excitement he experienced in his earlier days. Though at this point he had difficulty getting dressed or walking to another room and was starting to get a bit down on himself. Once in our care and participating in the study, we worked with him to adjust the dose of his pain medicine to a level that helped his pain, but also allowed him to function.

He eventually was able to decrease the amount of long-acting pain medications taken which improved his mood and helped lessen the confusion he was experiencing, as well. About this time is when he shared with our team an item on his Bucket List that had yet to be “checked off”. He wanted nothing more than to go on one last deep-sea fishing trip with his family. It was through perseverance, collaboration with the research and development team and the dedication of our staff to Four Seasons’ values of excellence and resilience that this patient was able to go on that family trip and attain the goal he had been dreaming of, before passing away.

This is just one example of the many ways in which Four Seasons provides personal, Trusted Care and Comfort to each patient we serve. Learn more about the services of Four Seasons and how we can help your loved one today.